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    Who is The BUy service?

    The BUy service. was founded in 2009 by a group of professional bankers and traders. We are private trading company registered in UK (Company No. 08285183). Our information is available in www.companieshouse.gov.uk website followed by the name of “ OBMCO LIMITED” and the file number of 08285183.

    What do we do?

    At BUy service, we have a very experienced and committed trading team at your service. They will help you with their valuable advice on issues related to online investing. Their advice and guidance ensures that you gain better knowledge about and develop required skills to understand market timing, locate beneficial investments, and learn asset allocation and so much more. They will also teach you about certain tools that can help in multiplying your capital and increasing your returns substantially.

    What is your main advantage?

    First of all, we make money not for you, as most of our competitors will tell you, but together with you! This means that we treat our partners just as we would ourselves.

    Do you have any track record of performance?

    Of course, if you wish to receive such data, please send a request to Admin@obmco.com

    What strategy are you using?

    Our investment strategy is such that we aim at conserving capital, spreading risk, regular investment and balance portfolio. By a balanced portfolio we mean that we make you invest in all types of financial products. It ensures that your portfolio appears impressive and diversified. Our expert trading team suggests you to go ahead with a particular investment if they feel you can afford to invest in it; they also review your portfolio and long term goals. We provide you with investment opportunities that will help in brining better returns globally. At BUy service, we endeavor to make your online investing venture a great success. Our one stop investment solutions, simple and feasible investment plans can help you in adding so many money spinning investments into your profile. If you are joining us, then you will be in reliable and trustworthy hands.

    How long have you been in operation?

    We have recently gone online and we're not hiding it. The official launch date is November 12, 2009. You can use various site to verify this information, as you are able to verify this information by the Companies House GOV.UK web site Here.

    Can I contact you in weekends and official holidays?

    Our customer department will answer your e-mails 24 hours a day include weekends and official holidays, but you can contact us through the phone only on business days and business hours.

    Is registration with the BUy service free of charge?

    Yes. Registration with BUy service is completely free of charge.

    How can I open an account?

    In order to open an account you only need to have an active e-mail address. Switch to Registration Page and fill in the require fields. It will take less than a minute.

    Can I open more than one account?

    You are allowed to manage more than one BUy service account. But beware that you are NOT Allowed to “Invite” yourself using your personal invitation link. We have an advanced fraud-detection system which catches any cheating attempts. Our sophisticated platform allows you to send and receive transfers to/from other BUy service members.

    How BUy service verify members' identity?

    Any person who is having crypto card, secret question and secret answer will be identified as an account owner.

    I'm having trouble Login or opening an account, what should I do?

    If you are facing any problem during registration, first please clear your browser cache and cookies then try again. If it doesn't work again, then please contact us and describe the issue. You may also chat with an online support agent.

    How can I make deposit?

    In order to make deposit you need to have an account. Just log in to your account and click on “New Deposit” button on account navigation menu. You are able to make deposit through your e-currency account.

    Are there any minimum and maximum requirements concerning initial deposit into my account?

    The minimum deposit requirement for both initial and additional deposits via all deposit methods is $20.00 and there is no maximum.

    What are the risks involved?

    Nobody can guarantee your investment and if they do - they are lying! What we can assure you is that our traders have shown a consistent and stable trading record during the years, and in addition - our state-of-the-art "Value at Risk" trading strategy ensures that at any given moment no more than 5% of your principal is exposed to market risk. For more information please read risk management article.

    What is Investment Principal?

    Investment Principal is the field of your account which reflects the amount that is used to calculate your daily interest payment. Investment Principal includes all funds you deposited directly through your e-currency account or invested from your available account balance or from compounded interest. Your investment principal will calculate separately.

    Can I withdraw my investment principal?

    As your investment principal is involved with our daily trading, then we are not able to refund your initial investment.

    Can I use compounding?

    No. We don't have compounding Plan , But you can reinvest from your account balance every day without you withdraw your money

    Do you pay interests in weekends?

    YES, all members will get earning 7 days . we pay interest on weekends.

    Can I withdraw my interest at any time?

    Absolutely yes, you can withdraw your daily interest at any time you wish.

    Are there any minimums to withdraw my interests?

    There is no minimum amount to withdraw your interests.

    Are there any minimums to withdraw my interests?

    There is no minimum amount to withdraw your interests.

    How long does it take to fulfill my withdrawal request?

    Every withdrawal request will be processed within 2-12 hours since we receive it.

    Why don't you process withdrawal requests instantly?

    We do not do that for security reasons. We review and verify every withdrawal request manually in order to avoid probable frauds.

    Can I cancel my withdraw request?

    Yes, you can revoke your withdrawal request. But as each withdraw request usually takes 2-12 hours to be paid, you should cancel your request sooner earlier than this time.

    How can I check my account balance?

    Your account balance statistics can be found on the account overall section. You can and also see detailed information of your transactions on "History" section.

    How do I change my account password?

    First you need to log into your account. You can easily change your account password in the Settings section.

    How The BUy service protects my account?

    http://www.obmco.com website has COMODO extended certificate. It assures all transferring data between you and our servers be encrypted to prevent a third party to steal your information. TMG is using a complex identity verification system which will identify your system and its location. So it will ask you an account PIN every time you (or a third-party) attempts to login with a different location of your previous login.

    Are there any notes which I have to apply in order to keeping my password secure?

    Here are several tips to avoid any invasions:

    • Use a unique and hard to remember password which you have never used for your other online accounts.
    • Use a nonsense combination of Latin characters and numbers. Such password is almost impossible to guess.
    • Try not to access your account from a public place such as a library or an internet cafe.
    More security tips can be read on Security Notes.

    Who is your DDoS consultant?

    BUy service is using Custome enterprise DDoS protection of www.blockdos.net.

    What should I do if I see your website inaccessible?

    The Money Galaxy technical team and our DDoS partner are doing their best for keep the website 100% available. But if you faced any trouble accessing our website please clear your browser caches and cookies and if the problem remains, email us the issue: Support@obmco.com

    Do you keep my personal information safe?

    We operate according to a strict Privacy Policy and we guarantee you that your personal information will never be given or sold to third parties. Moreover, your account data is stored in our strong secured 256-bit AES encryption database.

    What are "E-currencies"? Why do you use them?

    E-currencies are offshore electronic payment systems which provide instantaneous transfers of funds between account holders at very low fees using a very secure and user-friendly interface. The main reasons for which we use this type of payment processors is that they allows us to cut our operating costs and increase our efficiency in terms of payment processing time, because time is the most valuable asset in our business.

    What methods of payment do you accept?

    You can deposit funds to your account via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, and Bank Wire transfer. Soon our members are able to invest using Web Money,

    My income payment is due tomorrow, when should I expect the money?

    You should expect to receive it at any time within the due day, according to our server time which can be found in your Account Summary. The funds will be credited to your Available Balance from which you can make an instantaneous withdrawal to your e-currency account.

    What is the affiliate Program?

    Affiliate Program (Partnership Program) is an opportunity for our members to earn some extra income by inviting other people to open an investment account with BUy service.

    Can I reinvest my referral commissions?

    Yes. You can reinvest or withdraw your referral commissions at any time you wish.

    Can I send out spam emails in order to promote BUy service?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Spam is strictly prohibited. Any caught spammer will lose his/her account immediately.

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